Rentware is very easy to use, even though complex settings can be configured.

Rentware Backend


See at a glance which appointments are blocked, reserved, booked, paid or cancelled. Define further status descriptions yourself. Change the status or book customers directly. Changes are immediately visible on the website.


We enable free determination of availability, rental times, rental rhythms, rental breaks, maintenance times and advance booking periods in combination with individual prices, both for the rental property and for the additional booking options.


  • On a single page, you can control your entire workload and change availability and price levels quickly.
  • You can see the status of each booking or reservation without having to get used to it and can react easily to changes.
  • Changes to the booking status are saved in real time and made immediately visible without you having to take any further steps.


  • Fleet availability settings: define season, block minutes, hours, days or weeks, remove from sale, reserve or provide any status (such as repair, maintenance, etc.).
  • Create and allocate differentiated prices to individual boats, boat categories, times, days, weeks and months as well as early bookers, last-minute and any promotional prices in order to increase your utilization and win new customers with attractive prices and realize the maximum turnover at peak times. Remember: Turnover = quantity x price. Better take 15 x 50 Euro than 5 x 100 Euro!


Rentware offers all common payment methods, from credit card to Paypal to modern options such as ApplePay. Payment on account is of course possible as well as by prepayment or instant transfer.

Point Of Sale

Verbinden Sie Ihr Rentware zusätzlich mit einer unserer POS-Terminal-Lösungen, um Buchungen vor Ort vornehmen zu können. Lassen Sie Ihren Kunden die Wahl, wie Sie Ihre Zahlungen tätigen wollen. The tillhub POS are already integrated.

Alternatively, we offer direct integrations for Sumup and iZettle POS systems.

What are bundles?

With the “Bundles” feature you can tie up packages for your customers. Simply select specific inventory items, set a package price and advertise your package or bundle in a promotion! The highlight of this feature is that you can tie different bundles with one item. Rentware compares the availabilities of the individual items in the background and sets all bundles affected to unavailable if the item has already been booked via another bundle. This prevents double bookings that could result from different bundle offers.

Completely flexible

With our Bundles – Feature you have the possibility to offer an item at special prices independent of your regular pricing model. This feature also allows you to make the same item available in different locations to increase your capacity utilization.

Parlez-vous français?

Customize your Rentware rental shop to the language of your local target group with just a few clicks! In order to enable your shop to be displayed in different languages, we have connected Rentware to Google Translate via API. Every button and text field is automatically translated into the desired language. At the same time you keep control and, if you are not satisfied with the automatic translation, you can insert your own terms, which then fit your brand, your shop and your products perfectly.


Our aim is to provide you with the best solution for your rental business. In order to guarantee this, we continuously develop our rental software further and deliver updates to you automatically.