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Do you own a rental shop? Make it easier for you and your customers to book online with Rentware – the rental software.

Managing and renting your inventory will be so quick and easy that you’ll wonder why they weren’t bookable online before.

Less Effort
More Customers

With our rental software for your website you’ll increase the utilization of your inventory while at the same time reducing the effort for order acceptance and processing.

Most of your customers don’t have the need to call you or exchange e-mails – they want to find offers, see if it’s available at a glance and especially: book and pay directly.

The online booking process has been developed using the latest technology, according to the mobile first principle.


For Spreeboote Berlin the switch to Rentware as rental software since the beginning of 2018 is paying off. The boat rental with a great location at the Spree, which relies from the beginning on online bookability. Next to the Hafenküche the boats are ready for rental.

Renting Is Versatile
So is our software!

Generate more bookings directly from your website! With Rentware, you can use rental software that only large booking platforms and rental companies with their own IT departments can afford. Take a look at our previous customers and see for yourself.

Renting is Extensive
More Time For The Essentials

Your team and you are stressed because you have to serve your customers and at the same time provide information on availability and prices by telephone and accept reservations? Oh yes, the rental contracts and bills also have to be paid! Oh no, now a rebooking as well.

Why don’t you leave the work to our software and your customers?

Become bookable 24/7 online for your customers. Allow your customers to rent without having to call or write emails. Use your valuable time to drive your business forward.

With Rentware rental software, your customers can easily and intuitively check, reserve, book and pay for availability and prices anytime, anywhere. You’ll focus on local service and use Rentware to get the most out of your business with smart pricing options.

rentware vermietsoftware umsatz steigern

Why Rent Out
With Rentware?

ake the next step towards an online booking system. We will be happy to advise you!

  • Mobile first
  • Live availability
  • Individual booking process
  • State-of-the-art design
  • Extremely performant
  • Safe
  • Clear user guidance
  • Latest technology

Our software designers and developers are very experienced but at the same time extremely innovative. We develop in Berlin using only the latest technologies. Rentware will never be finished. We are continuously improving the booking software and adding new Features.  You get most of them automatically and for free. Optionally we also offer individual development for you, should your usecase require it.

Everything is possible. But not everything makes sense. We set the right priorities. UX and innovation.

Just as the location of the store is often decisive in offline retail, the quality and design of software or shop solutions is essential online. Your website and your shop system are your online shop. Its quality decides whether you are successful or not.
With Rentware you get a solution with which you can optimally map your business model and pricing and don’t have to adapt to software.
More customers will rent or book online, add extras and voluntarily pay at once or at least pay down. Our pricing tool allows you to sell more in the low season and more expensive in the high season than the competition. Your employees have less work to do because customers book themselves. Inspire your customers. Do not choose any software, choose Rentware.

  • More customers
  • Enthusiastic customers
  • Clever pricing, yield management
  • Automated processes
  • New marketing opportunities

Rent Properly
Tips and News

What does it even mean when my website becomes bookable online? What do I have to pay attention to when renting or leasing software? How can I increase my turnover, how can I increase my capacity? And what about customer satisfaction? These and other questions are answered for you in our blog.