Bundles / Specials

The bundles feature allows you to combine several individual objects into one bookable package, so that customers no longer have to book extras separately. Instead, customers can add everything they need to their shopping cart with a simple click via the rental portal. Customers can add extras to the packages in the second booking step.

This feature also allows you to add one item to different bundles, while our rental software checks the availability and books all the items contained in the bundle, reducing their availability accordingly. The prices for the bundles can be freely defined in order to offer the customer a discount and at the same time increase the volume of your rental business. Of course, the package price can also be displayed as the sum of the individual prices and can optionally be provided with a proportional discount or extra charge. Packages / specials can be booked for fixed dates or slots or with variable dates and rental periods.

You can also use this feature to put the same object with different names, locations, descriptions, images and prices in one shop.


You have exactly one canoe. This one canoe is bookable in the shop as 5 different “products”, some of which have the character of specials:

  • Canoe (Location A)
  • Canoe (Location B)
  • Premium canoe (including free car parking and bottle of water)
  • Canoe discount package (only bookable Mo-Fr 9 to 13 o’clock)
  • 3 hours canoe tour

Highly flexible

With our Bundles feature you have the possibility to offer one item at special prices no matter what your regular pricing model is. Which articles would you like to combine into bundles for your online shop? Contact us and we will design your online rental shop with Rentware matching your ideas.

Create a bundle with a few clicks

With our packages – feature you can easily wrap your products into a package at the push of a button. This is perfect if you plan to offer whole events directly to your customers online. Simply select specific inventory items, set a package price and advertise your package or bundle in a campaign!

With one item you can create different packages.

Using this new feature, you now have even more options when it comes to pricing. This feature allows you to easily set different prices and plan promotions, which you can then promote as a package.

Rentware automatically checks the availability

If you want to create special offers for your customers, you can combine certain items into a package. The original article will still be bookable individually.

Rentware compares the availabilities of the individual items in the background and sets all bundles involved to “unavailable” if the item has already been booked via one of the other bundles. This prevents double bookings that could result from different bundle offers.

This feature also allows you to make the same item available in different locations to increase your sales load. Here too, our software recognizes when the article has been booked at one location and then no longer displays it “live” at the other locations.