Cart Widget

Integrated directly on your website with the latest technology

With our new cart widget, your new online store is integrated directly on the website. By clicking on the cart icon, the customers see the current selection of the shopping cart.

We have developed different versions of this cart widget so that your rental business can be perfectly mapped.

How your customers finds their way to the webshop

Choose the one widget from two different views that best represents your rental business. Do you rent on single days? Or do you have a rental business model where customers can make multi-day bookings?

Using a box on the website, the customer selects the desired date of their booking. Only the dates that are freely available are clickable!

This is how the different views of the widget look like:

After that: Checkout process on your website

Once the customers have selected a product, they are guided through the checkout process via the integrated widget. Here they can still choose additional accessories: Rent the boat with or without a grill? Add a child seat for the car? The prices adjust accordingly. In the next step, the customers fill in their contact details. Here, too, our rental software thinks carefully and asks for all fields to be filled in correctly before the payment process can continue.

Check it out in our demo store right now

You can now try out how the selection via the widget works directly in our live demo store. Click through and get a sense of our rental software!