Terms of payment

How do your customers pay in your Rentware online shop?

Define the payment methods and payment conditions exactly as you imagine it:

  • Deposit
    Before your customers can use your products, should a down payment be made? Set the percentage of the final amount or the fixed amount to be paid in advance.
  • Full payment
    Do you want your customers to pay the full amount before the rental period starts? Our experts will set up this option for you.
  • Reservation
    The products on your website should not only be booked directly for the rental, but your customer should also be able to reserve the articles first? The reservation process can be illustrated clearly and comprehensibly with Rentware, so that the reservation fee can also be paid directly on your website.
  • Payment by instalments
    Your customers can use the installment payment method to gradually pay off the price in installments you specify and do not have to settle the full amount at once.
  • Monthly payment
    If your customers can rent your products for a longer period, it may make sense to offer a monthly payment. This allows the customer to pay the appropriate amount each month for the entire rental period.
  • Other options
    If you would like to present special other payment conditions with the software for online rental – please contact us. Our developers will find the simplest and best solution for your company’s online shop.

Payment methods

Which payment methods would you like to offer your customers?

We make sure that you can integrate all common payment methods into your online shop, such as for example:

  • PayPal
  • credit card
  • direct debiting system
  • immediate transfer
  • on account
  • and more