Premium boat rental in Berlin: Spreeboote

Spreeboote Berlin is a rental shop with a great location at the river Spree. The boats are ready for rent next to the harbour kitchen. Now it was up to Rentware to make an online booking on the website possible and thus to facilitate the booking process for customers and the subsequent processing for the employees.

The goal for the already high-class, strongly positioned Spreeboote brand was to focus attention on online bookability. For the 2018 season, the website shone with a new look. So we not just integrated Rentware as rental software, but also redesigned the entire website.

Not only the mobile-optimized frontend now has a brand-new view that is easy for customers to use. The special focus was on a sophisticated pricing model, selling extras, integrating many payment methods and automating the processes that follow booking.

Online is no longer determined by the location of your business, but by the user experience and the design of your online presence.
  • High-class brand
  • Premium Service & Products
  • Attractive website
  • Bookable online

Premium rental software fits Premium rentals. With Rentware, we have developed a software solution for rental shops that is not only functional, but also high-quality in design and operation. With this excellent customer experience it fits to strong, luxurious brands and their premium products. This has in turn a positive effect on the image of your business. Your online presence and online shop is your flagship. We would also be happy to redesign your website!

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