Rent professional equipment

Whether scales of any kind, or professional cleaning equipment: with our customers Waagemieten, Mietwaagen and Hyfagro you will find the right equipment for your application.

Thanks to our rental software Rentware, these can now also be booked directly on the website via the online store. Simply enter the start and end of the rental period in our booking widget and with one click you will be shown all the equipment that is available in that period. Even devices that are not bookable in the selected period are displayed with the information “not available in this period”. This gives the customer an overview of all the products on offer. In addition to this, we have implemented a new feature, Variations, at the request of our customer Mietwaagen, which allows different variations of a device to be viewed and selected at a glance. For Waagemieten and Mietwaagen, we have also built the accompanying website, on which all information about the store can be found and through which one can get to the online store.

Differentiate by brand, size, color and other factors that can be selected at will. With Rentware you can provide different variations of your products.

perfect for:

  • Offer different variations
  • Professional website
  • Keep track of all bookings
  • Increase utilization
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Rental software
rental software integration on the website
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(for Mietwaagen and Waagemieten)

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