How the rental business of a traditional manufacturer and family business became bookable online

The trailer professional and Horse Truck partner Böckmann in Bützow as well as three further Böckmann Centers with a total of 8 locations for trailer rental have decided to further develop their online shop with Rentware. From now on, the trailers will not only be better displayed on the website, but there will also be a way for a direct online booking. The customer selects the location where he wants to book his trailer in the respective online shop – the opening hours are also displayed here differentiated by location. The trailers can be booked online for slots of only a few hours – but also for slots of up to 365 days. We have built a price model for this type of rental, which includes a strong degression as well as seasonal surcharges. We have managed to keep the booking widget very flexible in general.

If the software thinks for you, you will be able to focus even more on the quality of your products and services.
  • Vehicle categories with different number of vehicles
  • Hours, days, weeks, months and 1 year rentable
  • Accessories vary by vehicle category
  • Individual booking route

In the backend, we also adjusted everything for the various Böckmann Centers so that all employees and teams have the correct authorization roles for the respective locations. The rental contracts and invoice numbers are also adapted to the respective locations and are automatically identified by our rental software Rentware. Rentware adapts itself perfectly to the special needs of your company – the rental software displays several locations for the customers in the frontend as well as for you in the backend and thus optimizes rental management. What special features does your rental business bring that we can make bookable for you online? Get in touch with us!

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